How to use the Hotel Parking Card?

Here is how it works

The hotel parking card consists of two parts:
1.) a blue-white plastic card
2.) one yellow form sheet for each day (fill in your car plate number + day of parking)

Put both parts into your car behind the front-glass.

Note that you are not allowed to re-use a yellow form sheet. Also corrections (strike-through etc.) make it invalid.

Where can I place my car?

You can place your car on any free parking lot around the building and neighboring streets (actually all streets in district 9).
It is allowed to leave your car there for your whole stay (no time limit).

WARNING: watch the street signs (!!), e.g. in Sobieskigasse there is a supermarket loading zone where are you NOT allowed to park on certain times (your car will be removed! ) or e.g. in GlasergasseĀ  one side of the street is reserved for residents (german “Anrainer”).
Street signs usually mark affected street sections with beginning (“Anfang”) and end (“Ende”) sign. If no such section is marked you can park there.

What are the costs?

Costs are 15ā‚¬/day for MON-FRI (08:00 – 22:00).
Weekends (SAT,SUN) are free.

Return on check-out!

On check-out please return all forms/card and your apartment key.

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